7 Nov 2014

Adaora Onyechere.


Adaora Onyechere is a native of Okigwe Local Government Area of Imo State Nigeria. She is the first, out of the six children begotten by her parents.


Adaora did her A Level at IONA College Lescescher, England . When she left there,
she went for a diploma in law program at Coventry University England and from there proceeded to London Metropolitan University, where she studied English Broad Casting, She further went to do her Masters Degree in creative writing at Oxford Brooks University.


Adaora Onnyechere now works at DAAR Communications Plc., as a broadcast journalist. She is currently anchoring a program in the African Independent Television (A.I.T) called Kakaaki, the African Voice. She is the most popular face on A.I.T.
Adaora Onyechere is also into mentoring for young people. She does a lot of motivational speaking and public speaking and coaching. She is also into arts and crafts, designing shoes, bags and other African fabrics.


Adaora takes joy in playing guitar and writing  or telling stories to children she also enjoys swimming, chess playing and table tennis.

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