13 Sep 2015

Moet Abebe, On Air Television Personality.

Moet Abebe
Moet Abebe
Laura Monyeazo Abebe popularly known as “Moet Abebe” was born on 29th of July 1989. She is an On Air Television Personality. She is a household name when it comes to VJing/Hosting in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry. She is a Video Jockey(VJ)
with Soundcity.  Her face is a regular at events and on Sound City where she is amongst the only three VJs they have.
Though born in England, Soundcity TV presenter and upcoming actress, Laura Monyeazo Abebe  , lived in Nigeria for 11 years before heading back to England to carry on with her education.
She spent her early years in Lagos, Nigeria where she did her primary education at Corona School, Ikoyi before travelling to England for her higher education and ended up at Law School.
When she moved back to Nigeria and needed to do her NYSC, she decided to serve in a media house. She was lucky to serve in Soundcity and after her NYSC, she was retained as a full staff.

She likes both acting and presenting. However she feels that acting is quite fun because today you can be one person and tomorrow you’re someone else. While presenting is like a reflection of yourself, what you see on TV is actually who you are.
She confesses that she has more passion for acting

Prior to joining Sound City, Moet has always loved entertainment and has been around it, modeling and dancing in musical videos before finally joining Sound City as a VJ/Host.
Though she wasn’t a pioneer in the VJing sector, she has successfully carved a niche for herself through her uniqueness and hard work.
“One on One” is one of her shows that have come to life due to her persistence. It’s an interview show that focuses on all aspects on artistes life, be it the scandals, their take on music or as to what their ideals are.
She says in an interview that her career in the industry all started with a passion and a dream. It wasn’t necessarily her plan. She had always wanted to be a lawyer, but in her second year in the university, she thought about coming back to Nigeria and doing something different, interesting and a bit challenging. So, she made up her mind to go into broadcasting as she had always wanted to work for Soundcity. As soon as she moved back, she did a screen test and got the job
In a recent chat with Sunday Vanguard, Moet shared her passion,dreams and what makes her stand out. Excerpts…
 “I actually take acting quite seriously. If the movie is all about sex, then that’s basically just a porn flick. I am not going to do that type of movie where all we talk about is sex.”
“But if there is a scene and as long as it is not too provocative and as long as my interpretation relates to the actual character, why not?

“I am not going to go nude or anything like that, but I do believe that there is tasteful nudity. I am not going to do anything distasteful, as long as it is necessary to the role, why not,” she also said.
she got engaged to her boyfriend of two years in early 2015.

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