15 Nov 2015

Biography of Francis Alimikhena, Senator

Francis Alimikhena
Francis Asekhame Alimikhena
Francis Asekhame Alimikhena was born on October 18, 1947. He hails from Estako Local Government Area of Edo State.

He had his secondary Education at St. Thomas Seccondary Modern School and later proceeded to the University of Buckingham United Kingdom where he graduated with a degree in Law. He was later called to the Nigeria Bar as a Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
The early life of Francis Asekhame Alimikhena draws attention due the exceptional characteristics that surround his up bringing. He was brought up under a strong Christian principle. These principle formed the bedrock upon which his life stood today.
Prior to studying law, He joined the Nigerian Army as a Commissioned Officer in 1972 and retired as a Major in the year 2000. His victory at the 2015 senatorial elections has drawn the attention of the whole nation as the most Unique victory in the political history of the All Progressive Congress (APC). Alimikhena is the only elected APC Senator in the entire South South and South Eastern part of Nigeria. 

This heroic personality achieved his name and fame through hard work and exceptional qualities that stand him out. He has battled against all odds to reach the pinnacle of success by his courage, determination and perseverance. His life has inspired millions of Edo State indigenes. Alimikhena was one of the earliest entrepreneurs of the defunct mid western region who made it big by hard work. He worked tirelessly to put his small Igiode village in the World Map. Through his acts of Philantropy, Contributions and support, he gained the influence of his people. Due to his unwavering support and development of Edo North without occupying any political office, Alimikhena became the ideal personality for the people of Edo North.

Alimikhena in his eventful early life draws his philosophy of life from the seven point creed given to Coach John Wooden by his father, the most admired coach of the university of California which says ‘Be true to yourself. Help others. Make each day your best. Drink deeply from books, particularly the Bible. Make friendship a fine art. Build a shelter against a rainy day by saving and lastly pray for guidance and give thanks to the almighty God for your blessing. The effect of these simple but incisive words is the underpinning pillars upon which the Edo North Senator  draws his multiple inspirations. In the past years, Alimikhena has constituted himself as a one man liberation army driven by passion to reposition the community where he emanated from.

Alimikhena is viewed as the messiah of the very poor and the downtrodden in Etsako. His philanthropy and social ideals manifested themselves in the building of igiode primary school in his village to provide access to functional education. With the consciousness that health is wealth,  Francis Alimikhena also built and equiped a functional health center in igiode. Based on the high level of cholera and the spread of water bond diseases, Alimikhena also prior to becoming a senator, provided functional boreholes that is still the major source of water supply in Igiode, Agenebode in Etsako East local government area of Edo State till today. The Catholic holy family church in Igiode which is today the biggest parish in the area with multiple story buildings as the bishop quarters were all the handiwork of this dazzling personality who is today the Edo North Senator Elect. In the past years, Igiode Community was cut off from Major towns and cities due to bad road network and electricity. Today, the story is not the same again. Without occupying any political office, Alimikhena has done all these and supplied transformers to various communities across Edo North in order to make life conducive for the common man in the street.
In 2007 he contested under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo North Senatorial District. But unfortunately lost. Later in 2011 when the fortunes of PDP were dwindling in the state he was again approached to come out and contest. This he did but unfortunately did not make it.
He thereafter defected to the All Progressive Congress(APC). In the 2015 elections, he again contested for the senatorial seat under the APC platform and won. He thereby became the senator representing Edo North senatorial district.

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