2 Dec 2015

Biography of E.E.Osaisai

E.E. Osaisai
E.E. Osaisai 
Mrs. Emontonghan Erepamo Osaisai was born on June 9, 1962 in Peretorugbene. She is an indigene Bayelsa State. She is married and blessed with children.

Emontonghan Erepamo  Osaisai had her Primary, Secondary and Higher School Certificate Education between 1968 – 1980 after which she proceeded to the University of Lagos and Port-Harcourt for her first and Second Degrees in 1984 and 1996 respectively.  Mrs. Osaisai attended local and international courses at various times, thereby acquiring tremendous knowledge and experience. 

She had her one year mandatory NYSC programme with the National Population Commission in Kano, from August 1984 to July 1985. She then worked briefly with Rivers State Post-Primary School Board between 1986 – 1996 before transferring her service to Bayelsa State Civil Service in 1996 where she rose to the rank of Director from where she moved to the Federal Civil Service in April 2013.  She is the Director - Air Force Affairs, Ministry of Defence Headquarters, with the responsibility of coordinating the implementation of policies and activities pertaining to the Nigerian Air Force. She also provides Administrative support to the Ministry.

Mrs. Osaisai has as her hobbies Yoga, Reading and swimming. 

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