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Biography of Itse Sagay

Itse Sagay
SAGAY ITSEJUWA ESANJUMI, is a SENIOR ADVOCATE OF NIGERIA (SAN) and a professor of law, born on December  20,
1940, in Ibadan, Ondo State of Nigeria. He is an indegene of Delta State of Nigeria.


Professor Itse Sagay (SAN), attended Government College, Ughelli, Delta State, from September 1954 to December 1959. After first working as a Customs clerk and later as a programmes operator (studio manager) in the then Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, Ikoyi for about three years, he got admission as a member of the first batch of students into the Faculty of Law, University of Ife in September 1962, where he graduated with  Second Class Upper Division in the year 1965. He proceeded to the Nigerian Law School for his professional training and was called to the Bar in July 1966. He then obtained the Certificate of the Council of Legal Education (B.L.) 1966 and became an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria on July 22, 1966.

Between 1966 and 1970, Itse Sagay was a student at King's College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. He obtained Masters Degree (LL.M) in International Law from Cambridge University in 1968. In 1970, he qualified and was awarded Doctor (Ph.D) of International Law at Cambridge University. Sagay obtained Certificate of The Hague Academy of International Law (1976). He became a Senior Advocate of Nigeria in September 1998, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in the year  2002.


Sagay Itsejuwa Esanjumi is a holder of the following academic honors:  National Scholarship for the Best Performance in University  (LL.B.) Law Examinations (1963 - 1966); Sweet and Maxwell Publishers Prize for the Best performance in Revenue Law in the Nigerian Bar Examinations (1966); Willoughby Prize for Best Overall Performance in the Nigerian Bar Examinations (1966);


In September 1966, Itse Sagay was employed as an Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. In the month of September 1970, he became a full Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. In September 1975, he became a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, and remained in the rank until October 1979. As at April 1976, until January 1979, Sagay was an Acting Head of the Department of International Law, University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. On September 1, 1979, he was proclaimed a Professor of Law, at the University of Ife. Between the year 1979 and July 1980, Itse Sagay served as the Acting Dean of Faculty of Law of University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. In October 1980, he became a Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. He remained a visiting Professor until September 1981 when he was made a Dean at University of Ile-Ife. In August 1981, he was appointed Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He remained in the position until September 1982. In November 1982, he became Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Benin; Benin City, Nigeria, a position he held until October 1986. In the year 1988, Itse Sagay founded and remains the Managing Partner, Itse Sagay & Co., Legal Practitioners and Consultants


Professor Itse Sagay has over the  years taught and conducted research on the following areas of law:

Public International Law;
Law of Contracts;
Family Law;
Law of Succession;
Constitutional Law;
African Customary Law;
Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Professor Sagay’s graduate study supervision includes the following works of detailed research:                                                 L.L.M. Dissertation, International Economic Law and P.HD. Dissertation, in public International Law. 

Sagay has conducted Oral Examinations for Master's and Doctorate degrees at the Universities of Lagos and Ife, Nigeria. He also did same for Undergraduate degree examinations at the Universities of Lagos, Ahmadu Bello, Ibadan, and Nigeria Nsukka.

Professor Sagay have held the following appointments, services, recognition  and distinctions:

-          He provided Lectures for the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. An activity that formed part of the Institute's lecture series  held  on September 23, 1978 and October 15, 1985;
-          He was the President of the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers from 1978 - 1979 and 1985 to 1986;
-           He was a member of the Governing Board of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies between 1978  and 1984;
-          He was a member of the Nigerian Council of Legal Education from 1979 to 1981 and from 1984 to 1987;           
-          He was a Consultant to the Oyo State Law Review Commission in the year 1980.
-          In the year 1981, he was appointed a Law Reviewer by the Nigerian Law Reform Commission, with a special assignment to review, bring up to date, and streamline all the laws of the Federation   of Nigeria from the years 1967 to 1968.
-  He was a member of the Planning Committee of  Bendel State University, Ekpoma  in 1982.
-  He served as the Chairman, Committee for the preparation of a programme for the establishment  of the College of Legal Studies of Bendel State University, Ekpoma  in 1982.
- He was Commissioned by the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid to do a paper titled, "State Terrorism in South Africa" as part of the United Nations working documents for a special seminar held in Lagos, Nigeria, from August 13 to August 16, 1984, on the theme, "The Legal Status of the Apartheid Regime in South Africa and Other Legal Aspects of the Struggle Against Apartheid". The paper  now forms an official document of the United Nations.           
- In 1984, he was the United Nations Consultant on Namibia, Colonialism, and Racial Discrimination.
- In 1985 was an Invitee of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs as a Distinguished Scholar who delivered  the first of two special lectures in remembrance of the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations Organization on the August 27, 1985, titled: "Forty Years of the United Nations Organization:  Building a Better World for Mankind".
-  Between 1991 and 1992, he was a consultant to the Organization of African Unity and the United Nations Development Programme on the Organization of African Unity Protocol on Free Movement of Persons, Rights of Residence and Establishment, under the 1990 African Economic Community Treaty.    
-  In 1993, the Federal Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources appointed him a Consultant for the Revision of Nigerian Mineral Law.           
- He was the Counsel to Nigeria in the Cameroon/Nigeria Boundary Case, that came up before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 1994.
- He was appointed Member, of the Board of Trustees and Governing Board, Negotiation and Conflict Management Group (NCMG), Nigeria, from 1996 to 2010.
-  Between 1998 and 2000, He was a Consultant to USAID and the Office of Transition Initiative, on Democratic Governance.
 - Between 1999 and 2007, He was a member of the Delta State Think-Thank on Development.
 - Between 1999 to 2007, he was a member of the Governing Council of Delta State University.
- He became a member of the Delta State Law Revision Committee in the year 2005.
- Between January and July 2005, he was a member of the National Political Reform Conference, Representing Delta State, February - July 2005.

Professor Sagay has the following publications to his credit:
South-West Africa: Its International Status and Other Legal Problems
The Legal Aspects of the Namibia Dispute, 1975, University of Ife Press, 402 plus xxxii pages;
Case Law Under the Matrimonial Causes Decree, 1976,  146 pages;
Racial Discrimination in International Law, 1981, University of Ife Press, 175 pages;           
A Case Book on the Nigerian Law of Contract, 1983, Professional Books, Abingdon, Oxon, 518 plus xxvi pages;
Nigerian Law of Contract, 1985, Sweet & Maxwell Limited, London, 587 plus xxv pages, 2nd Ed., 2000, Spectrum Books, 619 pages;
International Law and the Southern African Situation, 1978, Lecture Series No. 24, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, 91 pages;
The Southern African Situation and the Eventual Triumph of International Law. (2000) Annual Lecture of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. 41 pp;                       
A Legacy for Posterity: The work of the Supreme Court 1980-1988, (1990) Nigerian Law Publications 302 plus xvii pages;
Nigerian Family Laws,: Principles, Cases, Statutes, and Commentaries, Malthouse Press (2000) 908 pages;           
Nigerian Law of Succession: Principles, Cases, Statutes and Commentaries, Malthouse Press, (2007), 430 pages;
The Enforcement of Electoral Laws and the Case Law of the 2007 Elections Petition Judgments Spectrum Books, 2012;
AJALA, A., and SAGAY, I.E. (Editors) Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Nigeria (1997), International Committee of the Red Cross - 177 pages;
AJALA, A., and SAGAY I.E. (Editors) Teaching International Humanitarian Law in Nigerian Universities, (1998) ICRC, Lagos.

Being a prolific legal writer, the following articles were credited to Professor Itse Sagay:

"The Right of the United Nations to Bring Action in Municipal Courts in Order to Claim Title to Namibian Products", American Journal of International Law Vol. 66 (1972), pp. 600-604, and Nigerian Law Journal, Vol. 6, 1972, pp. 130-138;
"International Law Relating to Occupied Territory: Can Territory Be Acquired By Military Conquest Under Modern International Law?". Egyptian Review of International Law, Vol. 28, 1972, pp. 56-64;
"The Legal Status of Freedom Fighters in Africa", East African Law Review, vol. 6, No.1, 1973, pp. 15-29;           
"The Legally Relevant Aspects of an Itsekiri Customary Marriage", Warri Division Land Trust Review, vol. 3, 1973 pp. 11-15;
"The Contractual Nature of Scholarship Bonds: Awojodu v. Attorney General of the Federation", The Nigerian Journal of Contemporary Law.  Vol. 4, Nos. 1 & 2, 1973, pp. 110-127;
"Multiple Marriages in Nigeria: A Conflict of Law with Culture", Nigerian Bar Journal, Vol. 12, 1974, pp. 82-88;
"Widow Inheritance versus Monogamous Marriage: The Obas' Dilemma" Journal of African Law, Vol. 18, No. 2, 1974, pp. 168-172;
J. Cottrell, C.O. Okonkwo, I.E. Sagay, and A.U. Obozuwa, (1974) "Survey of Legal Developments in Nigeria - 1973", Nigerian Law Journal, Vol. 8, 1974, pp. 111-41;
"Securing the Withdrawal of South Africa from Namibia: The Role of the O.A.U.", The Nigerian Juridical Review, Vol. 1, 1976, pp. 47-57;
"Non-Recognition of the illegal Occupant of Territory in International Law", Indian Journal of International Law, Vol. 16. April - Sept., 1976, pp. 219-251;
"Formal Requirements in Statutory Marriages in Nigeria: Some Existing Legal Problems", Nigerian Lawyers' Quarterly, Vol. 7, Nos. 1-4, 1976, pp. 16-28;
"The Legal Implications of the Israeli Raid on Entebbe Airport", The Advocate, 1977, pp. 30-36;
"The National Status of the Inhabitants of Namibia", Zambia Law Journal, Vol. 10, 1978, pp. 24-61;           
"Namibia and the Future"  Nigerian Forum, June 1981, pp. 144-151;
"State Terrorism in South Africa", United Nations Document, 134/25195. 19 pages, 1984;
"Illiteracy and Contractual Obligations in Nigeria" Journal of Private and Property Law, Nos. 1 & 2 1984, pp. 17-29;
The Dawn of Legal Acculturation in Nigeria - A significant Development in Law and National Integration:  Olowu v. Olowu - Journal of African Law.  Vol. 30, No. pp. 179-189;

"What Constitutes a Reasonable Cause of Action? - Ibrahim v. Osim", in The Gravitas Review of Business and Property Law, January 1989, pp. 19-26;
"Legitimacy, Legitimation and the Rights of Inheritance in Nigerian Contemporary Law".  Journal of Private and Property Law Vol. 16, 17 & 18, April 1992 – April 1993 pp. 1-8;
"The Constitutional and Legal Framework for the Protection of Human Rights in Nigeria", in Journal of Human Rights Law and Practice volume 2, No. 3, November 1992, p. 60-95;
"The Supreme Court and the Rule of Law in the Third Republic and Beyond", in, Law, Justice & Stability in Nigeria Ed. Yemi Akinseye-George, (1993) pp. 126-166;
"The Sovereign Authority in the Nigerian Legal Order", in Liberty, Quarterly Journal of the Civil Liberties Organization, January - April 1994, pp.21-26;
"Customary Law and Freedom of Testamentary Power" [1995] Journal of African Law, p.173;
"Liberty and the Rule of Law as the Inalienable Rights of Nigerian Citizens.   Lawyers, Bi-Annual Journal of Nigerian Comparative Law  Vol. 2 Oct.1995  pp. 185-198; 
"Nigeria: The Travails of Democracy and the Rule of Law" - Keynote Address Delivered at the 4th Obafemi Awolowo Foundation Dialogue, 20th November, 1995, published in, Nigeria: Democracy and the Rule of Law, Spectrum Books, 1996, pp. 11-42;    
"The Right to Democratic Rule as an International Human Right", In Select Essays In Law, Edited by Ameze Guobadia and Solomon O. Ukhuegbe pp. 131- 147, Published by Faculty of Law University of Benin;

"Ownership, control and supervision of the Nigerian Petroleum Resources - Legal Aspects": in, Nigerian Petroleum Business: A Handbook, (1997) Advent Communications, pp. 176-187; 
"Intestate Succession in the States of the former Western Region of Nigeria", Journal of African Law vol. 42, No.2, pp109-121 (1998);     
“The Judiciary in a Modern Democracy”, in Issues in the 1999 Constitution, Published by the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, (2000), pp. 76 -113;

“Relevancy and Admissibility” in Law Practice of Evidence in Nigeria, Edited by Afe  Babalola, pp. 15 – 37; 
“Reordering Nigerian Federalism: Making it more Confederal” in Crafting the New Nigeria, Lynne Renner Publishers 2004, pp. 85 – 98;          

“The Bakassi Case and the Re-Emergence of Racist Undertones in the ICJ, in The Pursuit of Justice and Development: Essays in Honour of Honourable Justice Omotayo Onalaja, Diamond Publications, pp. 394 – 409;  
“The Protection Of Human Rights In International Law”, in Topics and Issues in International Relations, Edited by Femi Adegbulu, pp. 169 – 196;

“Federating States and Sovereign Immunity in Contemporary Issues in International Law and Diplomacy: Essays in Honour of Dr. MT Mbu, Edited by Dr. J.A. Aremu, pp. 19 -37;  
“The Essence of the Awolowo Phenomenon” in Awo: on the Trail of the Titan, pp. 21-33 – Obafemi Awolowo Foundation;

Some Critical Legal Issues Arising from the 2007, Election Petitions – Lecture delivered under the Distinguish Jurist Series, Lagos State University, June 2009 – Now published as a monograph by Lagos State University;

Southern Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence as a Case Study on the “Doctrine of Necessity” in Nigerian Business Law and Practice Journal, vol. 6 No. 2, p. 1;

Papers Presented.

Over time, Professor Sagay have made presentation of innumerable number of papers at different Conferences and occasions. Thes papers includes:

"International Law and the Struggle for the Freedom and Welfare of Man in Africa", an Inaugural Lecture delivered at the University of Ife on June 3, 1982, and published by the University of Ife press as Inaugural Lecture Series 57, 41 pages;

"Factors Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Magistracy in the Performance of Their Duties", paper read at the 1985 Annual Conference of the Magistrates Association of Nigeria (Bendel State Branch), July 12, 1985;

"Mr. Justice Kayode Eso, the Man and the Jurist", Introductory paper to the First Idigbe Memorial Lecture (January 31, 1985) highlighting the Contribution of Mr. Justice Eso to the Development of Law in Nigeria;

"Forty Years of the United Nations Organization: Building a Better World for Mankind", paper read on invitation of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lecture Series No. 43 - 30 pages;

"Fundamental Human Rights: To what Extent are they Guaranteed under our Law?" - Nigerian Bar Association Human Rights Workshop, Ilorin, 22-23 May 1987;

"Recent Trends in the Status of the Rule of Law in Nigeria" Lecture delivered at the Annual Awards Ceremony of the Academic Staff Union of Nigeria, Friday, 15th April, 1988;

"Problems of Citizenship and Fundamental Rights in Nigeria" Lecture delivered at the Nigerian Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru, 10th, May 1989;    
Law Enforcement in Nigeria - Problems and Prospects" Paper presented at the Seminar on Law Enforcement held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs - 5th July, 1989;

"Should Nigeria Restore Diplomatic Relations with Israel"?  Seminar of 13th March 1989 Under the Auspices of Christian Lawyers Fellowship Association of Nigeria;

"The Decline of the Judiciary as An Effective and Independent Third Arm of Government" - Lecture delivered on 27th April, 1990 at the Faculty of Law, Bendel  State University, Ekpoma;

"The Doctrine of Separation of Powers: Highlights for the Third Republic" - Paper read in August 1991 at the 1991 Annual Conference of Nigerian Bar Association;

"New Dimensions in Banking" - Paper delivered on 5th July, 1991 at a Workshop organized by the Association of Business Law Firms;

"Performance Contracts and Commercialization of Public Enterprises: Old Wine in New Bottles?"  Paper presented on 7th July, 1992 at Corporate Legal Advisers Conference, organized by the Centre for Business Studies;

"The Courts in a Despotism", Paper presented at a Seminar on Liberty, Democracy and Social Justice, 24th May 1993;               
"Defining the Basis for a True Nigerian Federation", Paper read at       Conference on "Practical Issues and Modalities for a Genuine Nigerian Constitutional Conference", held February 24 - 27, 1993 under the auspices of the Constitutional Rights Project; 
"Ethics and Law" a paper presented at a symposium Organized by the Civil Liberties Organization on "Ethics in Government" - 4th-5th August 1995;

"Self-determination in modern International Law, and its implications for African States" Lecture delivered at Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University on Tuesday 18th November, 1997;          
"Self-Determination, Human Rights and Democracy in the New International Legal Order" - Being the 3rd Morohundiya Memorial Lectures, delivered from 15th to 17th December 1998 at the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan;

Federalism, The Constitution and Resource Control: Delivered under the Auspices of the Ibori Vanguard, March 2001;

Terrorism in International Law – At a Symposium, organized by the Obafemi Awolowo University Alumni Association;

“The Fall of the Universities and the Path to Resurrection “, - The 2002 Stephen Awokoya Foundation Lecture;

“The “Resource Control” case: Where the Supreme Court Erred” April 2002;

“The 1999 Constitution and the subversion of Democracy” – Inaugural Siyan Olawoyin Lecture, Faculty of Law, Olufemi Awolowo University, May 2002;

The Extraction Industry in the Niger Delta and the Environment, ANPEZ Lecture, Port Harcourt;

Improved Educational Standard as a Prerequisite for a Meaningful and Accelerated Growth and Development of Nigeria in the 21st Century. A Diamond Jubilee Lecture of Government College Ughelli;

Democracy, Elections and the Electoral System in Nigeria, A paper presented at a Seminar on the Theme “Towards a Sustainable Political Harmony in Delta State”

Nigerian Constitutions, Operation of Federalism and the South South Zone.  A key note address at the All Niger Peoples Conference 2006 at Grand Hyatt DFW Dallas, Texas, USA;

The Role of the Attorney-General in the Administration of Justice. Paper read at a Seminar organized by Perchstone & Greay;

Nigeria: The Unfinished Federal Project – 8th Justice Idigbe Memorial Lecture, 30th April 2008, University of Benin;    
Electoral Reforms As a means of Saving Nigerian Democracy – Paper presented at the Action Congress South West Zonal Conference;

The Crisis of Election Petitions and Decisions – Paper delivered at the Obafemi Awolowo Institute for Government and Policy, Lecture Series on Electoral Integrity;

The Status and Role of the Legislature in a Democratic Society  - Public Lecture at the 3rd Opeyemi Bamidele Lecture, 27 July 2010;
Sagay, I.E., (2010)  Effective Mechanism for Enforcing -ICAN Disciplinary   Tribunal Decisions – 2010;

The Rule of Law and Democratic Future, Delivered at the University of Lagos, Annual Department of Sociology Lectures;        
Politics, Public Service, Morality and Integrity in Nigeria – 6th Annual Adekunle Kukoyi Lecture;  
Political Maturity and Development 1st Prof. A.B. Kasunmu Annual Lecture, University of Lagos;

The Anti-Corruption Agencies and Pervasive Corruption in Nigeria – Paper delivered at the Ogun State Judges Conference, 2011;

 Advancing Justice Delivery and the Integrity of the Judicial System – Delivered at the Lagos State Stake-holders Summit (2011);

 "The Anglo-Rhodesian Settlement Proposals and the United  Nations", published in the Proceedings of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Conferences of the Nigerian Society of International Law (1978);

"The Resources of the Sea Bed and Sub-soil, Beyond NationalJurisdiction as the Common Heritage of Mankind" Conference on the Law of the Sea    organized by the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, March 1981;

Sagay, I.E., and Onwuka, R.I., (1982).  Attempts at African Regional Economic Integration paper read at the International Conference on Law and Economy in Africa -University of Ife, February 15-24, 1982;   
"Evaluation/Assessment of the Level of Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Nigeria" Paper presented at National Seminar on the Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Nigeria, Organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Nigerian Red Cross Society and the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, 6th August 1996, now published in the book, Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Nigeria (1997) pp.41-65;

"The Role and Importance of the Teaching of International Humanitarian Law", being a paper presented at a workshop on the Teaching of International Humanitarian Law in Nigerian Universities, jointly organized by the ICRC and the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, at Abuja, 23rd and 24th April 1997, now published in the Book of the same title, (1998) ICRC Lagos pp. 25-37;

"Compensation for Land Rights, and Pollution, Two sources of Conflict in Oil Producing Community - Oil Company Relationship", being a paper presented at the Oil and Gas Forum on "Community Relations and Sustainable Development " - Abuja, 23rd - 25th 1997;

 "The Nature and Extent of Rights provided by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights", paper presented at a Seminar on Modalities for the Realization of Economic and Social Rights in Nigeria, organized by the Constitutional Rights Project, Lagos, 19 and 20 May, 1997; 

 "Separation of Powers and the rule of law in Democratic Governance", being a paper presented at the Seminar on Democracy at Work; Checks and Balances, under the auspices of the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, at Banjul, 30th March - 1st April 1998;         
"Democracy and Civil Society", Paper presented at a Seminar on,   Nigeria, Towards a Just and Democratic Society under the aegis of the catholic Secretariat  of Nigeria, Lagos, 18th to 19th June 1998;

"Ecomog Operations in Liberia and International Law" Paper presented at the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Nigerian Society of International Law, held at the Nigerian Institute of International Law, Victoria Island, Lagos, 4th & 5th June, 1998;

Judicial Review Procedure: Prohibition, Certiorari, Mandamus and other Remedies", Paper presented at the 18th Advanced Course in Practice and Procedure, held at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 18th to 19th June, 1998;

"Frame-Work for the Nigerian Constitution" - Presented at the Conference of Nationalities (Nigeria) held in Lagos, from 12th to 19th of December 1998;  
 "The 1999 Constitution: A Critical Review" - Paper Presented at the Conference on the 1999 Constitution and the Future of Democracy in Nigeria, organized by the Centre For Democracy and Development, Abuja, 29th June - 1st July 1999;

 "The Legal Dimensions of the Year Two Thousand Problem" – Presented at a Series of Seminars held in Lagos on 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th of August 1999, organized by the Centre for Information Technology Expertise;

 "Controlling Chronic Corruption in Nigeria.  An overview of the 1999;

Anti-Corruption Bill" at the Civil Society Hearing on Controlling Chronic Corruption in Nigeria - Lagos, 16th August, 1999;

“Setting the Agenda for Constitutional Development in Nigeria” - Paper presented at a Expert Group Meeting on Constitution making in Nigeria, November 1998,  now published in Strengthening Nigeria’s Constitution for Sustainable Democracy, by the      Centre for Democracy and Development (1999), pp. 7 – 26;

 (1999) Human Rights Violations in Nigeria - A Historical Over View”, Paper  Commissioned by the Human Rights Violations Investigations Commission (Oputa Commission) and presented 24th November 1999;

 (2000) "The 1999 Constitution - A Critique" at the National Conference on the 1999 Constitution and the National Question - Organized by the Centre for Constitutionalism and Demilitarization, Lagos January 2000, now published in the book, Constitutionalism and the National Question, (2000) pp. 40 – 68;              

 (2000) "Legal Framework for the Development and Peaceful Co-existence of Niger-Delta State Communities - Millennium Oil Summit on Building the Niger-Delta -ECOWAS Conference Centre, Abuja, February 2000;

 “An Appraisal of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Nigerian Judicial System”, presented at a 3 - day Seminar on Judicial Administration in Contemporary Nigeria, June 2000;

“Towards an Efficacious Administration of the Justice System - The Imperative for Radical Reforms” 2001, Taylor Memorial Lecture, June 2001;  
Sagay, I.E., “Can Nigerian Democracy Survive “The Fight” against Corruption?” A Paper presented at 1st Anniversary of the passing of Chief Frederick Rotimi Alade Williams held at the Agip Hall, Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos, on 2nd May 2006;

 “The Nature and Characteristics of International Crimes” A Paper presented at a Two-Week Certificate Course on International Criminal Justice and Administration held at Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 20th May 2006;    
 “The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court” A Paper presented at a Two-Day Certificate Course on International Criminal Justice at Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 20th May 2006;

“Contracts, Arrangements and Restrictive Practices Under the Federal Competitive Commission Bill” A presentation at the 3-Day Workshop on Anti-Trust Competition Legislation organized by Rules Watch held at Protea Hotel Oakwood Park, Lekki, Lagos, on 24th – 26th May, 2006;

Electoral Reforms as a Means for Saving Nigerian Democracy and Unity. – Lecture at Action Congress Annual Convention, Ibadan, March 2009;

Constitutional and Legal Relationship of States and Local Governments under the 1999 Constitution - Delivered at a Workshop for Local Government Councillors – December 2010, Lagos;

Book Review.

Professor Sagay is the reviewer of the following books:

 "Papers at the Third Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association of International Law", The Quarterly Journal of Administration, Vol. 8, No. 1, October 1973, pp. 88-92;               
The Bank Director and the Law, by Professor Oserheimen A. Osunbor 22nd October 1997;    
Conferences Attended.

Session of the American Society of International Law, Washington 1972;        
The 1976 Session (Nairobi) of the Hague Academy of International Law.  Topics of the Seminar were: International Economic Law - Particularly the charter of the Economic. 1976;

Rights and Duties of States, African Regional Economic Associations and the Lome Convention of 1975; Human Rights; Law of the Sea;

Annual Conferences of the Nigerian Society of International Law. Heread a paper entitled, "The Anglo-Rhodesian Proposals and the United Nations", at the 1973 Conference of the Society in Ibadan;

The 6th International Arbitration Congress of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) Mexico, March, 1978;
Annual Conferences of the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers. 1971 – 1988;

The Nigerian-Scandinavian Dialogue, Lagos, January, 1980;
Nigerian-Brazilian Dialogue, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July, 1980;
Law of the Sea Seminar, Port Harcourt, March 1981;
Conference of the International Law Association, Montreal, Canada, 1982;

Conference on Law and Economy in Africa, Ile-Ife, February 15-20, 1982. Jointly organized by the Faculty of Law, University of Ife and the Max Planck Research Institute of the Federal Republic of Germany;

United Nations Seminar on "The Legal Status of Apartheid and Other Legal Aspects of the Struggle Against Apartheid", Lagos August 13-16, 1984.  Invited by United Nation as Expert on the theme of the Seminar;

United Nations Seminar on "A Century of the Heroic Struggle of the People of Namibia Against Colonialism".  On the Invitation of the United Nations as an Expert, New York Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 1984;
Seminar on the Liberian crisis, Lagos, 29 October 1992;

Conference on Human rights and Litigation Strategies, Constitutional Rights Project,     Ogere May 14 - 16 1993;

Conference on the Review of the Nigerian Minerals Act. Abuja, 2nd - 6th May 1993;

Conference on defining the Basis of a True Nigerian Federation - Organized by the Constitutional Rights Project, Abuja, February 24 - 27th 1994;

Seminar For Public Law Teachers on the Teaching of Human Rights in the Universities.  Constitutional Rights Projects, Ota, November 27 - 30 1994;

Seminar on the Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Nigeria, NIIA  Lagos, 13th-14th August 1996;

Mediation Workshop, 28th - 29th April 1997, sponsored by the Negotiation and Conflict Management Group and the U.S.I.S.; 

Facilitator - Professor Richard Salem, President, Conflict Management Initiatives;     

Seminar on Democracy at Work: checks and Balances , under the auspices of the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies Banjul, held at Banjul, Gambia 30th March to 1st April 1998;

Group of Experts Meeting on the Nigerian Constitution, London, 15th and 16th November, 1998;

Conference of Democratic Audit, U.K. and Charter 88 Group London, 26th November 1998;

Conference of Nigerian Nationalities, Lagos, 17th to 19th December 1998;

Expert Meeting on Customary Norms of International Humanitarian Law, Geneva, Phase 1, 4th – 8th January, 1999; 

Phase 2 – Geneva,  1st – 5th May, 1999, organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva;

Conference on the 1999 Constitution and the Future of Democracy in Nigeria, Organized by the Centre for Democracy and Development, Abuja; 29th June – 1st July, 1999;

National Political Reform Conference, February – July 2005, Abuja;

 Current Research Works and Activities.

Notwithstanding his age, Professor Sagay have refused to abandon his research skill. Some of the research works he has done in the recent times include:  

   1.         Democracy as an International Human Right;
   2.         The International Legal Status of the concept of Self-Determination in the Post-Colonial Era;
   3.         Federalism and Constitutional Democracy;
   4.        Democracy and Development;
   5.        Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

 Editorial Assignment.

Some editorial assignments undertaken by Professor Sagay includes:              
Editor-in-Chief, Nigerian Bulletin of Contemporary Law, 1984 to 1987;

Member, Editorial Board, Nigerian Law Journal, 1973 to 1979;

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Private and Property Law, 1984 to 1991; 
Editor-in-Chief, Law & Practice, Journal of the Nigerian Bar Association 1988 – 1989;
Member, Editorial Board, University of Ife Law Report 1970 – 1982;
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Human Rights Law and Practice 1990 – 1995;
Editor,    Journal of Nigerian Business Law and Practice.


Solicitor and Advocate, Supreme Court of Nigeria;
The International Law Association;
American Society of International Law;
The Nigerian Society of International Law;
The Nigerian Bar Association;
Trustee and Member of Governing Board, Negotiation and Conflict Management Group, Nigeria.  (1996 – 2010).

In August 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari appointed a Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption headed by Professor Itse Sagay. The Committee duty among other things, include to advise the Buhari led administration on the prosecution of the war against corruption and the implementation of required reforms in Nigeria’s criminal justice system.

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