13 Feb 2016

Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.
Many platforms have labored to create a list of popular top blogs/bloggers in Nigeria. The problem with the lists already created is that the authors most times include non blog websites in their Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria. Neither do they disclose the method and criteria by which they determined their best. This common mistake removes credibility from the lists so far created.
In order to create a formidable list of best or top blogs/bloggers in a country, the author must first of all, understand and appreciate the meaning of blog so as to know what or who not to include in the list. Secondly then, he must disclose the yardstick or criteria used in measuring the Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers. It is only when that is done that the list can be respected as the best.

Before we go into the Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria proper, We have taking our time here to explain to our readers what we considered a blog. A blog, which is a truncation of the expression weblog is a discussion or informational website that is published on the World Wide Web that consists of discrete entries called "posts" typically displayed in reverse (the most recent post appears first) chronological order. 

Before the year 2009, blogs were usually the work of a single individual (e.g. Lindaikejisblog), occasionally of a small group (e.g constative.com), and often covered a single subject. In more recent times, "multi-author blogs" (MABs)(e.g. naij.com) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited. MABs from other media outlets like newspapers, universities, think tanks, advocacy groups, and similar institutions account for an increasing quantity of blog traffic. The rise of Twitter and some others referred to as "microblogging" platforms helps integrate MABs and single-author blogs into societal newstreams. When used as a verb, Blog can mean to maintain or add content to a blog.

When blogs came into being in the late 1990s, it coincided with the unfolding of web publishing tools which makes posting of content by non-technical users easy. (Previously, a knowledge of such technologies such as HTML and FTP were required to publish content on the Web.)

Majority of blogs are interactive, this implies that they allow visitors to leave comments and even message each other via GUI widgets integrated in on the blogs, and it is this interactivity that distinguishes blogs from other static websites. In that sense, blogging can be seen as a form of social networking service. In essence, bloggers do not only produce content to post on their blogs, they also build social relations with their readers and other bloggers. However, there are blogs that has high-readership but do not allow comments.

Many blogs provide commentary on a particular subject (e.g  Nigerianbiography.com); others function as more personal online diaries (e.g. modavracha.com ); many  others are more of online brand advertising of a particular individual or company(blog.jovago.com). A typical blog is believed to be a combination of text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The possibility of readers to leave comments in such interactive format is one important contributor to what makes blogs very popular. Most blogs are primarily made of text, however, some others focuses  on art (art blogs), photographs (photoblogs), videos (video blogs or "vlogs"), music (MP3 blogs), and audio (podcasts). Microblogging is another popular type of blogging, featuring very short posts. Blogs are also used as instructional resources for education. Such type of blogs are referred to as edublogs.

As at February 16, 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. By February 20, 2014, there were already around 172 million Tumblr and 75.8 million WordPress blogs in existence worldwide.

Having thrown light on what we consider a blog or the meaning of blog, the next is to explain to you what we considered before deciding that the under listed blogs are Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria in their categories or Niches.

One may wonder how we arrived at the conclusions that the under listed blogs are the best in their Niches. Don’t worry about that because we put a lot of things into consideration before we drew our conclusions.

We considered Who the blogger is. In other words, we checked the about page and other information about the blog/blogger. Some blogs that may appear to be doing well are not considered because they offer spotty or nonexistent “about” pages.

We answered the following questions:

How much influence does this blogger have?
How well established is the blog?
Who and how many people link to the blog?
Does visitors comment on the blog’s posts?
Does this blog appear to be part of a community? (The best blogs are likely to be hubs for folks who share interests with the blogger.). We used Tools like Technorati and Blogpulse  to assess the influence of the blogs.
How authoritative is the blog’s content?
How sophisticated is the language used, are words spelt correctly?
Is this blog alive? It there a substantial archive? How current are the posts?
At what point in a story’s lifetime did a post appear? We examined the story’s date in order to get clues as to the reliability of a blog entry.
Is the site upfront about its bias? Does it recognize/discuss other points of view?
If the blogger is not a traditional “expert,” is his/her posts a first-hand view that would also be valuable for research? Is it a unique perspective?
Before we finally select a blog, we must have answered the above questions positively.

Having said all that, we now present to you what we consider the best blogs in Nigeria in their Niches or categories. We promise to continue expanding and reshuffle the list as more information emerge.The list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria goes thus:

1.            Best Beauty Blog: myglamosphere.com

 Founder: Omobola Bolaji.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About:  Glam O’ Sphere is a beauty blog created to cater to different makeup and fashion needs of the everyday woman, the professional, the girl-next-door, the student or even the housewife. The founder is Omobola Bolaji. She a Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and Fashion Stylist. While studying Microbiology at the University, She developed an interest in Colour and Style. So she decided to go into Image Consulting and Fashion Styling for about a year before taking a bolder step into the world of “Makeup Artistry” . After undergoing a professional course in Makeup and successfully finishing the course, She started her own beauty company (Glam O’ Sphere). myglamosphere.com qualifies for our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria having passed the majority of the standards listed above.

2.            Best Entertainment Blog: Lindaikejisblog.com

Founder: Linda Ikeji.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: Lindaikejisblog is a News, Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration and  Gossip blog founded by Linda Ikeji. She is believed to be the richest blogger in Nigeria. The fact that many Nigerians wake up every morning and visit this blog for their braking entertainment information, qualifies this blog and the blogger for or list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria.

3.            Best Family Blogwww.nawesabi.com

Founder: Fakanlu Oluseye Ezekiel
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: nawesabi.com is a family blog where all that makes of the happiness of every family are put together. Building a healthy family comprises of a whole lot of factors; ranging from taking good meals and getting a befitting job to meet daily responsibilities at home. The blog also has a humour category because the founder feels that every family needs a moment of laughter. That of course, is one of his definition to a healthy family.

Despite the fact that this blog is relatively new, it has done well especially by sticking to its niche which is novel one in Nigeria, consequently, Nigeria Biography has considered it the best family blog in Nigeria having met the criteria listed above.

4.            Best Fashion or Style Blog: modavracha.com

 Founder: Onyinye.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: Modavracha is a fashion and style blog founded by Onyinye, a Nigerian currently studying medicine in Kharkov while documenting fashion, beauty and style. This is a blog about her personal style, fashion and interests. According to Onyinye, Moda (мода) means Fashion and Vrach (врач) means doctor in Russian language. She  added “a” to make it easily pronounceable as most female-related words in Russian end with “a”, the “cha is pronounced like cha-cha dance.

 Onyinye started this blog in January 2013 as an outlet to express the non-medical, non-science part of herself and since then it has grown into something more than a part-time interest. She has collaborated with brands, businesses and store that she didn’t even know existed. Her style, writing, photography and design skills have all improved significantly since she started Modavracha, the blog’s general look is a testimony to that and is customized by her.

modavracha.com passed the litmus test listed above, and hence qualifies for our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria.

 5.            Best Food Blog: dobbyssignature.com

Founder: Dobby Okonkwo
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: Dobby’s Signature is a Nigerian culinary and Lifestyle blog focused on showcasing Nigerian dishes, Exploring Traditional/continental food recipes and Flavors with strong emphasis on Photography, Diversity, Vibrant colors and Health benefits.  Here you will find Day to Day Nigerian recipes and pictures with some infusions from other parts of the Globe. The blog also features a lifestyle section known as Street foodie waka where the host “Dobby” explores meals outside the walls of her kitchen. This includes Foodie Adventures, Product reviews, Events, Restaurant reviews and a host of others.

Dobbyssignature.com and her founder, Dobby Okonkwo met the criteria listed above and consequently, qualifies for our list of  Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria 

6.            Best HealthBlog: HealthNewsNG.com

Founder: Paul Adepoju
Paul Adepoju

About: Health News NG is a health news blog that is aimed at promoting fresh, original perspectives on – and an understanding of health across the African continent. 

After analyzing this website and its founder, our team returned a verdict that it qualified to make our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria. 

7.            Best Music Blog: NotJustOk.com

Founder: Ademola Ogundele.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: NotjustOk.com is the number 1 Nigerian Music site on the internet. The site was created initially out of the intention, motivation and passion of the founder to share remarkable material to whoever cared to listen or read. In the year 2007, Ademola began noticing that music from Nigeria was sounding catchy to his ears and he felt like the quality was good enough to share. He then began, and was excited to share them with his blog readers and get their opinion while hoping that every song he posted on NotJustOk.com would begin a dialogue.

This blog by all considerations, qualifies for our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria.

8.            Best News or Magazine Blog: Naij.com

About: This is a Nigerian news and entertainment portal that features aggregated news content along with original and exclusive reporting by top journalists and opinion-makers across Nigeria and beyond. It maintains a balanced style of reportage which have once caused it to be a victim of a targeted attack by hackers, in July 2015 It was ranked as the 16th overall most visited website in Nigeria by Alexa.

Naij qualifies as one of the blogs on our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria.

9.            Best Parenting Blog: Lagosmums.com

Founder: Yetty Williams
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: LagosMums is an online community to bring mothers (and mothers to be) together to share information, give advise, ask questions, discuss schools, talk about domestic issues and have fun while meeting other mums.

No doubt, this blog made our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria.

10.            Best Blog On Women: Woman.ng

Founder: Shola Okubote
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: The website is dedicated to women related issues and debates/opinions by Nigeria women for the Nigerian Woman.

It made our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria because it deserves it by every standard.

11.          Best Personal Development Blog: Awazieikechi.com

Founder:  Awazie Ikechi.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About:  This blog gives you personal development tips that will make a difference in your life. You will also learn about people who were inspiration to their generation. It’s a Complete Guide To Success Consciousness.

This blog is really inspiring and it thus qualifies for this formidable list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria.

12.        Best Political Blog: Saharareporters.com

Founder: Omoloye Sowere.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: SaharaReporters.com is a political news website that encourages citizen journalists to report ongoing corruption and government malfeasance in Nigeria and Africa. Using photos, text, and video dynamically, the site informs and prompts concerned Nigerian and African citizens and activists globally to act, denouncing officially-sanctioned corruption, the material impoverishment of its citizenry, defilement of the environment, and the callous disregard of the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution.

This blog makes you sit-up and shun corruption, otherwise they make you answer to the worlds users of internet, and guess what, they leave you no option. 

Surely, this blog qualifies for our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria 

13.          Best Christian Blog: christianmediang.com

Founder: Francis Ebuehi.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: This is a Christian blog that is involved in spreading Christian news, events and happenings around Nigeria.

14.          Best Blogging Tips Blog: Ogbongeblog.com

Founder: Jide Ogunsanya.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: OgbongeBlog is a top Nigerian technology blogs founded by Jide Ogunsanya. The blog focuses on technology-related How TOs. It is a Nigerian technology blog where you can learn how to blog and earn money online. The blog covers topics on digital marketing, online businesses and social media, hence, its qualification for our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria.

15. Best Science/Technology Blog: Techloy.com

Founder: Loy Okezie.
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: TechLoy.com is technology news site. With over 450,000 monthly page views and over 35,000 unique monthly visitors, Techloy.com is the most prolific breaking tech news site, providing analysis of web, mobile and social media trends within emerging West African markets. 

They qualify for our list having passed all the tests listed above.

16.          Best Student Blog: Ngstudents.com.ng

About: Ngstudents.com.ng[NgS] is the official blog for Nigerian Students in both Tetiary and Secondary levels. The blog publishes only verified information that that serves to be of great benefit to Nigerian Students.

17.          Best Sports Blog: wolexis.com

Founder: Oluwole Ola
Top Blogs/Bloggers: List Of Best Blogs/Bloggers In Nigeria By Categories/Niches.

About: Wolexis Sports blog is one of the biggest sports blog in Nigeria.  it delivers in depth analysis on matches played, gives update on players lifestyle and also covers transfer stories and happenings on the home front.

18.          Best Wedding Blog: weddingdigestnaija.com

About: Wedding Digest Naija is currently the best known Nigerian wedding blog. The site dominates the social media scene on Facebook (270k+ followers) and Instagram (60k+ followers). Daily, they post dozens of photos from real Nigerian weddings, which serves as great inspiration for young Nigerian singles.


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