14 Mar 2016

Believe it or not, Tiens Multi Level Marketing Can Give You Financial Freedom This Year 2016!

Forget all the lies you have been told about Multi Level Marketing, we make a lot of money from Tiens or Tianshi Multi Level Marketing. 
I and My wife are Tiens Multi Level Marketing Professionals. Unfortunately, most people in Nigeria and different parts of the world have had reasons to develop negative impressions about Multi Level marketing business. I sincerely concur. Tiens or Tianshi distributors have in the past, painted Tiens business as a “get rich quick scheme”  They talk about it as if when you join today, money starts flowing tomorrow even when you do nothing.  They hype the business as if it doesn’t require any effort on your part. Some even suggests that you don’t need to sell the products, that all you need to do is just bring people and have them registerd. These are all Lies, and I mean, absolute lies!

This is what I know about Tiens Multi Level Marketing.

Just like any other business, Tiens/Tianshi Multi Level Marketing is a business and as such, will require your effort and time.
It is pertinent to state categorically here that if there is any business that can reward you abundantly for your effort and time (i.e. if you know how to do it right or join our team if you don’t), that business is Tiens Multi-Level Marketing.

Our journey in this industry actually started in the year 2012.

In that year, We joined Tiens/Tianshi company just like any other person, then, we did not border to study the business’ compensation plan. We used a lot of money to join, and We saw ourselves at in "Star Four". We did not make money as we expected. In fact, We even used our money to register people in our network. But because those people were not willing to work, our journey was stagnant. We then abandoned the entire idea.

Later, I picked up the Tiens compensation plan and started reading, as I read, my eyes were opened. Then I began to see what I failed to see initially. I began to understand how the business works. It became crystal clear to me that Tiens Multi Level Marketing is a profession. I then discovered the following truth about Tiens/Tianshi Multilevel Marketing:

-          There is nothing wrong with Tiens Multi Level Marketing, but there are a lot of things wrong with some distributors of the company.

-          You need to have the mind of an entrepreneur for you to succeed in the business.

-          Tiens/Tianshi is a company with proven record of management, quality consumable products very lucrative compensation plan.

-          You need to drive your Tiens multi level marketing business online just like am using this website to do. I co-own this website with my wife and we are using the thousands of traffic the site generates in favour of our Tiens Multi Level Marketng Business. We can help you to set up your own website free of charge if you join our team.

-          Door to Door approach to Tiens/Tianshi business still works in 2016.

-          A tiens distributor has to sell both Tiens PRODUCTS and register new distributors, which is not a difficult task if you join our team and adopt the strategy we are going to show you.

-          Tiens distributors can sit in the comfort of their houses and market Tiens products globally.

-          Tiens/ Tianshi Multi Level Marketing business must be built around customers, and you must help in developing other business owners in your distribution network, then and only then can you succeed.

These and many more are the things we discovered about Tiens Multi Level Marketing. Consquently, we returned to the business, and we have been able to achieve much more than most people we met in the business.

Since we returned to Tiens / Tianshi Multi Level Marketing, we have been developing other business owners in our team. We are able to achieve that difficulties because of the system we have already developed, which ensures that everyone in our team succeeds.

I will stop here for now. But if you don’t want to remain where you are financially, it is high time you pick up your phone and call us for your starter kit.

Our mobile phone numbers are: +2348069143664 or +2348038466464.

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