3 Jul 2016

Biography Of Apostle Johnson Suleman Of Omega Fire Ministries International

Biography Of Apostle Johnson Suleman Of Omega Fire Ministries International
As is well known, Callings and divine selections are purely in-human decision, but a products of predestination, which are made way before the very creation  of the world and hatched into reality when the called discovers his destiny.

Such is the case of Apostle Johnson Suleman. Few days after Apostle Johnson Suleman was born, story has it that Prophets traveled all the way from Warri in Delta State of Nigeria, to Benin in Edo State of Nigeria(Apostle Johnson Suleman’s place of birth), armed with message from God. When his parents inquired to know what the message was all about, they were informed that God told the prophets that a prophet that would minister in God's presence has been born. Apostle Johnson Suleman’s parents refused to continue listening to the prophets because they were Muslims and could not understand the possibility of their son becoming a Christian, let alone being God’s minister.

As the young Apostle Johnson Suleman  began to grow, his parents observed that he was somehow strange in the way he did things. He values the things of God even as he attends the mosque with his father. As young as he then was, he knew he was not in a path he was meant to be. While he was doing his secondary school in Auchi his home town, Apostle Johnson Suleman had an encounter with CHRIST but he however received a lot of pressures that made him to withdraw from Christianity for a little while.

However, Apostle Johnson Suleman later moved to Benin City in Edo State, where he finally declared for CHRIST, and got reconnected with his DESTINY. Immediately after that, Apostle Johnson Suleman  started hanging-out with his Christian brothers, and accompanies them for work of evangelism and prayers. On June 20, 1994 he got a revelation where he saw the image of the globe being given to him with a biblical inscription of Acts 10:38 written on it. Before this happened, Apostle Johnson Suleman had read through the whole Bible repeatedly for three good  times because of his unquenchable thirst for God. However, all the time he had studied he bible, he never gave any particular attention to Acts 10:38.

Apostle Johnson Suleman  arose from the vision, he was so shocked, and immediately searched for his bible to check out what the scriptures reveals. Upon opening the verse, he saw that it contain the following sentence: "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him". He then immediately understood that he had just been communicated the Mandate given to him by God to preach his gospel around the world with a Power Ministry. It is consequent upon the above that his ministry, Omega Fire Ministries International was later born.

Omega Fire Ministries International ‘s website has it that God gave His chosen servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman, a divine mandate to: clean the tears, have peoples’s destinies restored by the preaching of the word, and bringing into manifestation the power and reality of the Holy Spirit. They maintain that God equally instructed His chosen Servant to bring to an end, the affliction of His people by telling him “ I AM SENDING YOU WITH AN OMEGA ANOINTING…”

The Omega Fire Ministries International was accordingly brought into existence to restore the joy of men, making men to manifest their destiny, thereby becoming the best that God created them to be and reversing the wickedness of the enemy.

Omega Fire Ministries International  believes in the fire operation of the Holy Spirit of God which refines, purifies and at the same time destroys. The mission of Omega Fire Ministries International is one that believes in judgment of God on the wicked. The ministry believes that the oppressions and demonic manipulations are reality, they know equally that the authority of God’s power  is more real, that it is all-powerful and all-pervading.

Omega Fire Ministries International hold as true the belief that all power belongs to God and that the devil and his cohorts has no scriptural right to control and manipulate the destinies of the children of God. They also believe that It is the right of believers to live fulfilled life. Consequently, the ministry believes it is saddled with the divine mandate to restore those divine rights of believers.


  1. This biography is absolutely crap and reeks of hero-worshipping. Biographies are about facts, not the craziness that exists in your head,

    1. Onejeme its absolutely crap because it involves Apostle Johnson Suleman. If the news is all about James Ibori or Buhari ,it would have been complete.