25 Mar 2017

Nigeria Now The Highest Internet User In Africa

Nigeria Now The Highest Internet User In Africa
There are over 91 million internet users in Nigeria, with this number, the country has been ranked number one country that uses internet in Africa.

Most country`s of the world now considers access to the Internet a matter of human. This is so based on the fact that the Internet is now seen as means to exercise and equally enjoy the rights to the freedom of expression and other related fundamental human rights including that of education, although this view is more pertains to people in the first world countries where internet access is cheap and readily available.

African users of internet face many challenges that need to be overcome before this dream can become a reality. The changes include those of Cost, scalability, power outages and education barriers. When combined with other economical and sociological barriers, these challenges see that Africa makes up only 9.1% of the worlds total Internet usage according to Internet World Stats. Although the 9.1 % appear to be a lot when compared to the 8.7% of North America or the 0.3% of the Middle East, However, the fact that there is almost one billion more people living in the African continent than there are living in the Middle East and North America, is an evidence of poor internet penetration.

Out of  the estimated 1,246,504,865  people living in Africa, it is only 335,453,374  that have access to the internet. Consequently, Africa has only 26.9% penetration rate according to Internet World Stats. When this is compared to the penetration rates of North America, 88.1%, Europe, 76.7% or even the Middle East at 56.5% and Latin America/ Caribbean at 59.4%, it becomes obvious that the internet access in Africa is still far from becoming a matter of fundamental human right in Africa.

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